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Art Project: "We've opened our eyes.

For her new art project, Debbie paint the eyes of awakened people worldwide.


Every eye comes with a personal story of the person waking up process and how they experience it to be awake and do not comply with the crazy measurements.


It is a nice way to tell these stories to the world. To tell the people how they live, and what they do during these chaotic times worldwide.


All the eyes together are becoming the final artwork. It will be a digital artwork with a powerful message to all the world leaders and elite that are destroying our future and the future of our children and grandchildren.


If this message resonates with you and you would like to participate in this art project, then you can join it, by sending a clear, sharp, close-up photo of your eye and your personal story about waking up /being awake to:


By entering you automatically agree with posting your personal story and painted eye on Debbie's social media. If you want to tell your story anonymously let her know because that is possible.

Because I think handmade art should be available for everybody, I would like to make it possible for everybody who has joined this project to buy his/her own eye for a reasonable price.

The price will be  €97 each, excluding shipping cost. (shipping worldwide)

If you are interested in buying your own eye, please let me know by pressing button below to send an email.

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